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Activities and Services

A. Main:

Repair of the electonic and optical equipment - NACE code 3313
  • Installing - assembly, repair, maintenance, verification for the security control equipment for persons and luggages.

B. Secondary:

Wholesale of computers, peripheral equipment and software
  • Provision of CBT software applications, designed to train operators of X-ray control equipment of luggage

Wholesale of other machinery and equipment – NACE code 4669
  • Supplying of equipment that is part of the integrated security sistems, of luggage control equipment, access of the persons, dosimeter devices etc.

Service activities incidental to air transportation – NACE code 5223
  • Technical consultancy/preparing of the authorization document/approving the aviation security control flow;
  • Technical consultancy/preparing of technical documentation for the purchase of the security control equipment;

Other information technology service activities, CAEN code 6209
  • Installation, configuration and testing of CBT type software applications

Engineering activities and related technical consultancy – NACE code 7112
  • Projecting of the effraction security alarms.
  • Risk assessments for the physical security.

Specialised design activities – NACE code 7410
  • Technical consultancy/projecting/execution for the integration of the EDS type luggage authomatical control sistem within a HBS sistem;
  • Technical studies for the location of the passengers/personnel and luggages security control flow within a aviation security control structure/access control;
  • Feasibility study/tehnical report for the security integrating system;

Security systems service activities – NACE code 8020
  • Installment – assembly, repair, maintenance, verification of the security control equipment for the persons and luggages.
  • Installment and maintenance of the effraction security systems.

Other education n.e.c. – NACE code 8559
  • Organising/development of training courses for the operators of all type luggage control X-ray equipments.

Educational support activities – NACE code 8560
  • Preparation of educational materials necessary for the traing of the persons.

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