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S.C. SETEAM SECURITY SERVICES S.R.L, a company incorporated in 2010, has as main goal the satisfaction of the requirements of its potential beneficiaries, through finding an Efficient Sollution, Togheter, for solving the common issues.

The main activity of the company is the installation, assembly and maintaining in function of the entire range of access control security equipment (such as X-Ray equipment for the non-invasive control of the luggages, walk-through metal detection equipment, portable metal detectors, explosives/narcotics traces detectors, CCTV surveillance sistems) through authorized activities of periodical technical maintenance, repairs, tuning, calibrations as well as functional controls and certification of the functioning within the X-ray security conditions.

Rx   Detectoare de urme si vapori de explozivi si narcotice         GARRETT 6500i  

Also, our company offers selling services for all the above mentioned equipment, training of the staff that uses and operates it, as well as consultancy and technical assistance services granted to the beneficiaries for the placement of the equipment and the execution of integrated security systems.
Through professional and authorized staff, the company can perform risk assessment for the physical security as well as planning, assembly and maintenance of the effraction security allarms, according to the Law 333/2003 and its application norms (Romanian Laws and Regulations).

The company is certified for the quality management system and had a highly qualified staff, with an important experience in the maintenance and use of the aviation security control equipment, supplied by different producers and that are already installed within the airports of the civil aviation and within any other institution with responsabillities in the access security of the persons and their luggages.

Address: Str. Obcina Mare Nr. 4, Bl. OS2, Scara D, Parter, Ap. 124, Bucharest.

  PHONE: +40371427073
  FAX: +40372253830

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